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    (Femé Pad® and Breast Soother for special price)
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  • Payment - bank transfer / deposit to the account; after payment is received your shipment is dispatched. In the case of using the GEIS services it is also possible to pay directly to the courier upon receipt of goods, cash or credit card.

    Czech rep.: 2000560939/2010
    Slovakia: 2500560943/2010

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  • Czech mail - 70,- Kč
    The package will be sent by Czech mail. The usual delivery time is 2-3 working days from dispatch of the order. Payment required in advance.

    GEIS - 100,- Kč
    The package will be sent to the courier company GEIS and will be delivered by courier directly to your address, usually on the second working day after dispatch of the order. It is possible to make payment by cash or credit card directly to the courier. GEIS is provided with your phone number and email address of the agreement due to delivery.

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