Femé Pad®

Trouble sitting down? Episiotomy? Femé Pad® provides cooling relief
from vaginal irritations or inflamed hemorrhoids that may be caused by pregnancy or childbirth.

Basic info

The Femé pad® has been specially designed by midwife and mother of three, Dr Mary Steen, to give instant pain relief from childbirth soreness and stitching. The thermal gel pad provides a cooling, comforting and cushioning alternative. The gel pad is placed in the freezer for two hours and then applied to the affected area. It is non-invasive and drug free, so completely safe for mother and baby. It is shaped to fit the contours of a woman’s body and comes with disposable gauze sleeves.

Box contains: two cooling gel pads, 10 pieces of gauze sleeves, one freezer storage polybag. Price 450,- Kč.

To provide you a maximum comfort and pain relief we reccomend to use the Femé Pad® with the Breast Soother gel pads (provides warming therapy for blocked milk ducts, mastitis, or weaning and cooling therapy for engorgement).

“Mom’s first day kit” (special price) – contains one box of Femé Pad® and one box of Breast Soother. Price 740,- Kč.

The Femé Pad® is specially designed to give women instant pain relief in the vaginal and rectal region. The pain can be caused by vaginal irritations, injuries sustained during childbirth and inflamed hemorrhoids (piles).

It can be used during pregnancy and after having a baby to relieve vaginal irritations and soreness. A woman’s perineum (the part of the body between the opening to the vagina and the back passage) will stretch and may tear during childbirth, sometimes it is necessary for a midwife or doctor to perform a cut (episiotomy). These two types of injuries may involve stitches. Swelling and bruising occurs very quickly and women have to cope with the pain and discomfort for several days. Usually women will be advised to take painkillers and bathe, an ice pack may be given to try and alleviate the pain and discomfort by numbing the area but women have found them uncomfortable and difficult to wear.

 The specially designed Femé Pad® provides a more comfortable, easy to use cooling alternative. It can also relieve pressure when sitting down by its soft cushioning effect which will enable women to sit more comfortably to feed their newborn baby.

By applying it directly to the hurting area, it has the ability to stop the horrible throbbing pain that can be very distressing for a lot of women. Its has many benefits for a woman, it is simple to use either when she is in hospital and in her own home, it is non-invasive, drug free, discreet and comfortable. A woman can be reassured that it is safe to use and will not have an adverse affect on herself or her baby. Two Femé Pads® are needed (one on one in the freezer) for the woman to achieve maximum benefit. Cleaning them could not be simpler; washing them with hot soapy water and drying them before being placed in the vanity case for re-cooling is all that is required.

This woman-friendly product has been specifically designed with the help and support of midwives and women working together in partnership. It is a natural way to ease the pain and discomfort following childbirth, therefore, making early motherhood much more enjoyable.

READ MORE - Information for women

  • Everyone knows that giving birth can be a very rewarding, but also a very painful experience. After their baby is born and labour is over, new mothers want to concentrate on caring for and getting to know their new baby. But just when you want to feel at your best to care for your new baby, you can still be in constant pain and discomfort for up to a week after your baby is born.
  • This continuing pain is the result of something the doctors call ‘Post Natal Perineal Trauma’. The condition affects all women, to a greater or lesser degree, who have had a ‘normal’, vaginal, delivery.
  • The soreness is constant and can last for many days after your baby is born. You feel uncomfortable even when you are just sitting down. Walking around or even lying down does not necessarily help, and visiting the toilet can be very painful.
  • Some women find that the action of breastfeeding aggravates the problem and can make feeding time fraught for both mother and baby. You will want to introduce your new baby to all its new family, relatives and friends. However, many women find that just sitting in the car can be particularly uncomfortable and driving with this condition themselves is completely out of the question.
  • Medical studies have shown that this entire trauma can contribute to insomnia, just when you need your sleep to cope with night-time feeding, and also contributes to a loss of appetite. This loss of appetite can lead to poor lactation, which makes your baby want feeding more often, and a lack of good nutrition makes you feel even more tired, irritable and run down.
  • All of this can start a vicious cycle of pain, irritability, and tiredness that may stop you from enjoying those first, vital days of your baby’s life. Femé pad® brings relief, and will help you feel more able to cope with caring for your baby.

Gauze sleeves packs

Preventing freezer burns to the area of application and protect your sensitive skin.

Box contains 30 pieces of spare gauze sleeves. Price 118,- Kč.

The Femé Pad® user’s guide

Caution: The Femé pad®  is intended for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT ingest or insert the Femé pad® into the body. Although the gel inside the Fem pad®  is non – toxic, it is NOT intended for consumption. The Femé pad®  is intended for COLD THERAPY ONLY. DONOT heat the Femé pad®  or place it into the microwave.

  1. Before each use inspect the Femé pad®  for signs of rupture, tears, holes or other defects. If you observe defects, or notice gel on the pad’s exterior, discard the pad and contact us info@chytravlozka.cz.
  2. Wash the Femé pad®  in hot soap water and dry thoroughly with a clean, lint free towel or paper towels.
  3. Place a Femé pad® inside the storage bag provided and put it in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours.
  4. Remove the Femé pad®  from the storage bag , insert it into one ot gauze sleeves and apply to the affected area. The Femé pad®  should provide about 20 minutes of cooling relief and then may continue to be used for cushion comfort.
  5. Discard the gauze sleeves after use.
  6. The Femé pad® is re-useable. Wash and dry the Femé pad®  as instructed above. To achieve maximum benefit, keep one Femé pad®  in the freezer the other is in use.

Safety warning:

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not use industrial, abrasive or harsh cleaners on the Femé pad®
  • Discard if the gel pad become punctured or damaged

How it works – Why is Femé pad gel different?

At the heart of the Femé Pad cushion is a specially formulated and patented gel developed specifically for the treatment of bruising, swelling and soreness of the perineum.The gel in the Femé pad® cushion combines the properties of both an ice pack and a cushion.

If you compare it with other gel pack cooling products, you will see that our gel is considerably thicker. This consistency gives Femé pad® the ability to cushion your perineum and protect the wound site if you have had stitches from a tear or an episiotomy. In addition to the thickness of the gel, this filling was design to have specific, unique thermal properties, to bring you instant, yet lasting, relief from the pain and soreness associated with this condition.

  1. It Won’t Freeze Solid
    One of the main advantages of Femé pad®, over other products that are cooled in the freezer, is that the Femé pad® gel will not freeze into a solid hard lump, even if it left in the freezer overnight. This means that the cushion will always be comfortable to wear and will mould itself to the exact shape of your body. First thing in the morning, just when you need it most, Femé Pad® is instantly ready to wear.
  2. It Tells You When It’s Ready
    During the day Femé pad® takes two hours to cool to its optimum. Having reached its optimum temperature Femé pad® will have gone through a visible “colour” change as the gel goes from being clear blue, to cloudy or opaque. This change in appearance means that Femé pad® contains its own, built in, virtual thermometer to let you know when it is ready for use.
  3. It Goes Colder Than Other Injury Packs
    Because of its patented composition the Femé pad® gel will reach, and retain, a lower temperature (-8˚C to -10˚C) than other “Injury Treatment” types of products.
  4. It Stays Colder Longer Than Other Injury Packs
    The Femé pad® gel has been specially designed to retain, and then slowly release in a precisely controlled manner, the cooling and soothing effect of this -8˚C to -10˚C temperature. While it is cooling The Femé pad® gel traps tiny pockets of moisture, which freeze to form a special “gel/ice” mixture. As the heat of your body thaws this mixture the Femé pad® gel uses the chemistry of its composition to actually slow down the warming up process. All this clever physics and chemistry means that a Femé pad® cushion will stay colder for longer than almost any other type of cooling injury pack. This in turn means that its numbing, cooling and soothing effects last longer so you don’t need to apply the packs as often.
  5. It’s Re-Useable and Effective For Other Problems
    Once it has warmed back up to body temperature, you will be able to use your Femé pad® cushion for other problems such as thrush, hemorrhoids or piles, minor bumps, bruises, strains, grazes or swellings. Femé pad® goes on delivering comfort and relief long after the first few days of your baby’s life.


During my antenatal class I was advised by my midwife about Gelpads Feme pad – the best advice ever! The next day after birth I was sitting with ease like a ‘Queen on the Throne ‘ amongst all the suffering new mums. After the birth of both my children I really appreciated the cooling effect of the Feme pads that suppressed the discomfort of swelling , burning and itching that accompany the healing process. Simple and hygienic to use, the pads really helped in the first week after the birth. I would highly recommend Feme pads and I believe they should be included in every mum-to-be’s hospital bag. You don’t have to suffer during those first precious days of motherhood.

Veronika30 let

I am a midwife with 10 years experience in the delivery room and homebirth. I really appreciated the benefits of gel pads whilst I was looking after mums-to-be during the pregnancy and after childbirth. Many mothers were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of gel pads to relieve swelling, pain and discomfort arising from the birth of their baby. Elegant and intimate design of Feme pad is very important for a woman, she can easily take care of herself, of her wounds, relieve pain and with comfort of the gel pad immediately after birth start taking care of the baby. Post-delivery gel pad gives a great benefit for my work.

Markéta35 let

I was recommended the Feme pad for my second delivery by my gynecologist. Being able to compare ma own two births the difference was quite remarkable. And what’s more it has proved very useful helping to reduce suffering from headaches, our son’s laryngitis, toothache and bruising. I highly recommend it!

Jana28 let

APT Study

Application of localized cooling treatments is not a new concept; Hippocrates (Father of Medicine) used snow. (McMasters, 1977) Cooling treatments have been shown to attenuate the levels of pain by numbing the superficial tissue surrounding the injury through its action on local nerve fibres and by reducing the levels of oedema of soft tissue damage. (McMasters,1977; Steen and Cooper, 1997) Treatment was applied within half an hour of suturing in an attempt to quickly counteract the inflammatory response, as suggested by Steen et al, (2000). The pattern of oedema and bruising observed in this trial is consistent with normal physiological processes associated with the healing process (Mera, 97) and this confirms earlier findings in an initial trial (Steen et al, 2000). Both the ice pack and cooling gel pad appear to reduce the inflammatory response when compared with no localised treatment but an increase in pain was reported by mothers in the ice pack group on Day 4. This may be explained by the fact that women reported ice packs to be rigid, hard, uncomfortable and the sharp corners hurt. The controlled cooling properties, sanitary towel shape and larger surface area application of the gel pad allows it to remain pseudoplastic at cold temperatures, this enables mouldability and comfort. This also, ameliorates the pain associated with hyperanalgesia of the surrounding area of the perineal injury. Post-partum haemorrhoids can be an additional problem for some women and it has been reported to affect approximately 35% of newly delivered mothers. (Thomas et al, 1993) Mother’s reported the gel pad to be also effective at relieving pain and itching associated with haemorrhoids. Cooling treatments are not readily available for use in mothers’ own homes, therefore, many mothers will improvise and use frozen packs of peas as recommended by Jane Hatt (1991). The findings of this trial has provided evidence that a specially designed cooling gel pad can comfortably alleviate the symptoms of perineal trauma and most importantly the associated pain during the first two weeks following childbirth.

  • ATP Study Objectives:

    APT Study To evaluate the effectiveness of a new cooling device (gel pad) with a standard regimen (ice pack) and compare these with a no localized treatment regimen (control).

  • Design:

    A randomized controlled trial initially based in hospital and then continued in the community.

  • Setting:

    A Midwifery Unit in the North of England and then in women’s own homes.

  • Participants:

    450 women who had undergone either a normal or an instrumental delivery that required suturing of an episiotomy or second degree tear.

  • Key Conclusions:

    This clinical trial confirms earlier findings in a previous study and provides evidence that the use of a specifically designed cooling gel pad is a safe and effective localized method to alleviate perineal trauma without any adverse effects on healing.